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Temple LDA Petition

On November 8th, the Wasatch County Council approved Ordinance 23-16, which allows a Legislative Development Agreement between the County Council and the LDS Church for the Heber Valley Temple Project. This LDA allows the Temple project to move forward without public input and circumvents the Conditional Use process defined by county zoning laws. Given the scale of the project, the community is concerned about issues like outdoor lighting, traffic, water displacement, and underground aquafers.


SWBDS filed a petition to put Ordinance 23-16 on the 2024 ballot to allow the community to vote for or against this agreement.


To succeed, we’ll need 3,500 signatures of registered voters in Wasatch County. We are looking for volunteers to help collect those signatures. 

Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

On April 19th, 2023, the Wasatch County Council approved an application submitted by the LDS Church to rewrite the Outdoor Lighting Code for unincorporated Wasatch County. The new code created allowances that do not comply with best practices for Dark Skies communities.


In response, SWBDS requested additional amendments to the Outdoor Lighting Code incorporating the recommendations of Dark Sky expert John Barentine. We presented our proposed amendments during the July 13th County Planning Commission meeting.


We have also filed a Petition for Review regarding the approval process of the lighting code. This lawsuit seeks to repeal the Outdoor Lighting Code approved on April 19th and require the County Planning Commission to properly initiate and follow public process.

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Look for these #WasatchReferendum buttons to connect with a volunteer who can collect your signature and answer questions about the referendum or the LDA. We're here to foster meaningful discussion about what's going on in our community. 

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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Build Community for the Future

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Save Wasatch Back Dark Skies is working to establish a responsible lighting code for unincorporated Wasatch County that will protect the dark skies of the Wasatch Back for generations to come. But what does a responsible lighting code look like? What does it include? Read up on the basics of lighting code and see examples of communities with effective dark skies lighting codes.


Help us protect the future of Heber Valley's night skies

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