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The Dark Skies of the Wasatch Back are under threat

“Access to a dark night sky — to see and be inspired by the universe as it really is — should be a human right, not a luxury for the chosen few.”

-- Chanda Prescod-Weinstein

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Wasatch County received a proposal to amend the Wasatch County Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting Ordinance. Core Architecture, on behalf of the LDS Church, requested an amendment to the existing Outdoor Lighting code for unincorporated Wasatch County. The LDS Church has an interest in the code due to the proposed Heber temple and its associated outdoor lighting.

The county hired a Dark Sky consultant, John Barentine, to assist county staff in reviewing the LDS proposal, evaluating the current county code, and comprehensively updating the existing code.

On April 19th, Wasatch County Commission passed a staff proposed amendment to Wasatch County Code to govern how exterior lighting is regulated.

In response to the approved changes, SWBDS requested additional amendments to the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance incorporating the recommendations of Dark Sky expert John Barentine. We presented our proposed amendments during the July 13th County Planning Commission meeting.

lighting recommendations versus approved wasatch outdoor lighting.png


To learn the importance of Dark Skies in our county we would like to poll as many residents affected by changes in these guidelines. Please take this brief survey to have your opinion included to help us determine the value of Dark Skies in Wasatch County.

heber valley night sky 3.jpeg
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