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Let the citizens of Wasatch County decide by voting for or against Ordinance 23-16 at the next election. 
Petition must be signed in person.

A group of concerned residents asks you to sign this petition to put Ordinance 23-16 encompassing the Heber Valley Temple Legislative Development Agreement on the November 2024 ballot. We believe that the County should have followed the conditional use process as defined in the County zoning laws.
We support The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints building a Temple within the Heber Valley area. We believe however that the Temple should follow the County’s standing zoning laws. There are far too many issues with the current proposal and site.

This petition must be signed in person by Wasatch County registered voters.
To sign, attend a signing event or contact us. 

Why sign this petition?

Express Dissatisfaction

Voters may sign the petition to express their dissatisfaction with the LDA and/or how the decision was made by the county council. Individual voters can communicate their discontent with the current state of affairs.

Community Concerns

Voters may sign the petition if they feel this particular issue directly impacts their community – either positively or negatively. They may see a referendum as a means to address and resolve this issue given its significance in Wasatch County and the Heber Valley.

Public Awareness

Signing the petition can also be a way for individuals to contribute to raising awareness about the issue at hand. It sends a signal to the council members of continued public interest
and concern about their actions and decisions.

Seek Change

Individuals may believe that the specific issue at hand is too big of a decision for just the county council and the people should instead make the decision through a referendum. Signing a petition is a proactive way to advocate for that change.

Protect Rights

Voters may perceive a threat to their rights or freedoms and believe that a
referendum is necessary to protect those rights. Signing this petition can be a way to stand up for individual liberties and ensure that the broader public has a say in this decision that will impact their lives.

Mobilize Support

Probably the best reason for a person of LDS faith to sign is understanding that a referendum may be the best way to settle this divisive or contentious issue. Signing a petition is a way to demonstrate public support for putting the matter to a vote and resolving it via the democratic process.

Direct Democracy

Some voters prefer direct participation in decision-making processes. A referendum allows citizens to have a direct say. Signing a petition can be seen as promoting and participating in direct democracy.

Policy Reversal

Voters may want an opportunity to overturn the recently passed LDA. Signing the petition calling for a referendum is a way to gather support for reversing that direction.

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